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This is a Le Fior Creme Anti-Wrinkle Solution.  It is 30 ml.  It is new and sealed.   Good luck! Please Note:You are bidding on a new item.  I am able to offer great prices because I buy from many different sources (wholesalers, liquidations, buyouts, store closings, etc.) Oftentimes the way they are stored and shipped damages the packaging.  Although the product inside is perfect and sealed, the packaging MAY be damaged (the box dented, dirty or missing, plastic peeling, or the like).  If you need to give this as a gift or need your items in perfect condition, then you may want to check around.  However, if you use the product and are more interested in getting a great product at a discounted price then you have come to the right place!Disclaimer: I do not promote or endorse the products that I resell.  Please do not leave feedback based on the product but based on your transaction with me.  Please do your independent research on the products and the companies that produce them prior to bidding/purchasing.  Thanks Good Luck!!